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Moving Supplies

It is nothing new to say that relocation is stressful. With the correct moving and packing supplies though, a lot of tension erased as then you are fully equipped with the right gear to pack, load as well as unload. Boxes, padding, packing tape, wrapping paper, magic markers, old newspaper, blankets, towels, knives, tape dispenser, colored labels, are some of the moving supplies you will need to ease out your packing efforts. Moving a budget is important to nearly all of us. But when you are thinking of cutting down on your moving expenses, you need not sacrifice on the quality and quantity of moving supplies, a critical ingredient in the entire process of moving. Here are some tips on how to make your relocation cost effective so that it does not hurt your pocket, at the same time ensure a smooth journey:

Planning is the key to a smooth relocation. Starting from setting a budget for the entire exercise, hiring the services of a moving company, booking your own tickets to the new city, organizing moving supplies to pack and load – each of these exercises takes time and a lot of planning to keep the costs under control.

Remember to keep a ‘relocation file’ where all expenses are recorded along with relevant receipts. A lot of moving expenses are tax deductible. So check with your accountant to see which of these expenses are deductible and which are not.

One of the first decisions you have to take is whether you will hire the services of a moving company, go for truck rentals or avail of the services offered by a self service moving company. Whichever type of service you decide to go for, make sure that you take multiple quotes from different companies. This will help you to get the best quote which offers the right value for money.

Your next important decision is to plan your packing program. Except for the items which are large, expensive or unmanageable for some reason, try and pack all the items yourself. This way, you can save a lot on expenses. Incredible as it may sound most reputed moving companies of the country provide online tuitions to make you pack like a pro. These lessons are important and you along with your family members could put many lessons in practice and save on expenses.

Start collecting moving boxes (preferably of the same size) from your local wine store or grocery and look out for discounts both online or offline. In case a neighbor or colleague has moved recently, you could ask them if they would donate or sell their old boxes. Look out for classified ads in the local newspaper – many people sell their old packing boxes at a discount. Try and save money on bubble wraps – instead use old and crumpled newspapers, old towels, rugs and other household linens, as padding when packing your valuables or costly furniture.

Last but never the least important is to seek help from friends and colleagues who have experience in relocation. Two heads are better than one, especially when you are talking of relocation. Take the help of volunteer students and offer snacks and a ‘thank you card’ on your moving day. These little helping hands are all part of your ‘moving supplies’ except they are human! But to get the whole thing organized properly, you need to plan and plan ahead.

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