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International Movers

International Moving Companies will come in handy when relocating overseas. It is becoming common as many companies have sites in more than one country and regularly transfer employees from site to site.

When moving abroad, be sure to plan well in advance and do your homework about the new country. Our International Moving guide is designed to help you with your international move.

Like all relocations, international moving also requires months of planning and preparation. Starting from passports, visas, work permits there are not just a range of documents required but also prior knowledge of the country of destination so that you can take informed decisions all the way through out the relocation process. Ground work for your internal moving should start 3 to 4 months prior to your departure date. For instance, peak times for passport issuance and renewal is between March and August. Thus you must keep in mind that new passport applications during this time might take longer than usual. Your basic groundwork should also include acquiring as much knowledge as possible regarding all the additional documents required to enter your destination country. Many countries for instance, require a work permit, which is different from a visa, to be able to work in this country. Even a work permit is required for the spouse if he or she wishes to work in the destination country. If you are employed, responsibility for organizing such work permits lies with the employer. Working in a foreign country without a valid work permit is considered illegal and you might be deported if you can not produce the right kind of documents to the authorities. Talk to your employer regarding this aspect, much in advance to avoid last minute hitches.

The local consular offices or embassies which should be located in the main cities of the US are best places to get the most authentic information regarding all the entry requirements of your destination country. These offices are also equipped with information regarding realtors, schools, colleges, health care, community centers, expatriate communities and other important cultural events and dates which would become relevant to your relocation.
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